Winter ’11 Upgrades Winter '11This past weekend upgraded to Winter ’11.

You will see some obvious changes in the overall look of your user interface (UI).

  • Search box is now located above your tab set.
  • Admin links are now a “dropdown” menu accessed by clicking on your user name at the top of the screen.
  • Application menu change in appearance.

Additional upgrades were made to Reports, Outlook integration and Service.

Winter ’11 General Enhancements
(Recommended viewing for sales team)

Real-time Report Video:

Salesforce for OutLook:

Winter ’11 Service Enhancements (Recommended viewing for internal Support Administrator)

Setting up Service Consoles:

Using the service console:


Jigsaw fully integrated with

The recent purchase of Jigsaw by is outstanding news. Now users of gain simple access to an outstanding list source.

Jigsaw is the perfect marketing companion to all organizations that use and VerticleResponse. Using Jigsaw you can:

  • Build marketing lists for import
  • Update existing lead database
  • Quick search for additional contact points
  • Update/clean  your email database

The Data Fusion product offers clients an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Here is a short video to give you an overview of using Jigsaw in

(full disclosure my company MCC  is a referral partner of jigsaw)

How to modify your Home Tab Dashboard view in

In this video we demonstrate how to modify which dashboards display in your Home Tab.

If you have an idea for a future “How to” please submit it in the comments section of this post!

How to schedule meetings (Events) using

This is the first in a series of “How to” videos I will be posting involving the simple day to day use of

In this video we will cover creating/scheduling a new meeting (Event) in We also cover using the Add Invitee link to send out meeting requests.

How to use Tasks in to manage your Tickler process

In this video we show how to use Tasks in We also demonstrate how you can use the recurring option to better manage your sales tickler process.

If you have an idea for a future “How to” please submit it in the comments section of this post!

How to use the Excel Connector in

The Excel Connector is a fabulous tool, that once figured out , every admin will use time and time again and become a hero to the company they support.

Here is a link to the Excel Connector Community

Here is a link to the Excel Connector Manual and Download.

Here is our how to video:

(If you see a black screen here click it and the video will play or use this link to view the video in a larger format:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “How to use the Excel Connector in Sal…“, posted with vodpod

Everyone needs customization

Everyone needs customization.I read a few blogs and one of the best is The publisher is Steve Anderson of One/Northwest. His company is focused helping Non-profit organizations excel with Today he touched on a key point with CRM. Everyone Needs Customization

No matter how good a system is out of the box, it must be customized so that your users can reach their full potential with the application.  My experience is the same as Steve’s no matter how similar any two businesses are they each operate with their own unique  culture and processes. These little differences drive the need for customization.

If you want your users to get the most out of the software/applications within your business you should add as much of your unique culture and process as possible. Customization will make the software become more intuitive and natural for users. These type of customizations make new software usable, when something becomes easy to use we all use it. The key to any successful CRM is 100% user adoption.

Here is the link to the post. Link