LinkedIn for Sales Teams

Social Media is really challenging for many people in B2B sales to understand. There are so many options knowing which channel of Social Media to focus your efforts makes the process even more difficult.

One channel of Social Media that we, MCC, feel is a clear winner for all B2B sales teams is LinkedIn. To help sales teams better comprehend what is possible with LinkedIn we created a new On Demand Sales training session.

In this session our goal is to educate B2B sales teams on:

  • Getting started on LinkedIn
  • Developing connection
  • Preparing your profile for recommendations
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to validate your business to prospects
  • Maintaining a healthy LinkedIn profile

Building a Web form in and publishing it to your website.

If you’ve always wanted to use the web-to-lead feature of but might were to intimidated than this post is for you!

We made this little video to give users of all shapes and sizes a good idea of how incredibly easy it is to deploy a web-to-lead form on your company site.