Drum up more business with a Sales Blitz!

Drum up more business with a blitz.The payroll selling season is in full swing. Salespeople are busy closing out the year, following up on all of the accounts that asked for a call back in the fall. Is there anything else you can do to get the most out of the upcoming selling season? Yes, call a BLITZ!

A sales blitz is a focused effort to uncover new business using simple sales actions in a very short period of time. A well run sales blitz will uncover new business opportunities and help your entire team become hyper focused in the push to the end of the year.

To run an organized blitz preparation is the key. A blitz needs to be very easy on your sales team. Here are some items you will need to create prior to running your blitz:

  • Targeted list of 300-1000 prospects/leads
  • Tracking sheets
  • Call themes
  • Goals

Because a blitz is a focused effort in a short period of time you must create a clean call sheet to speed up the process. Call aversion can kick in at anytime, to help your sale team it’s very important to take the thinking out of the calling action and create a “Just do it!” environment that allows their sales skills to rise to the top.

To stay organized simple tracking sheets should be used so that every salesperson can gauge their success and quickly identify areas for improvement. In our End of Year Sales Blitz sessions we cover a very simple to use conversation method to help salespeople seamlessly enter into payroll sales conversations. Using tracking sheets you and your team can better see what is working and what isn’t working. Meaning don’t continue running down the wrong path, know what you’re doing well, measure it and make the appropriate adjustments.

Calling themes will help your team be well prepared to begin conversations with contacts. Before beginning your campaign take time and review what works for your service bureau and talk about this with your team. At MCC we find these group discussions always yield new information about what is important to the customers so that everyone on the sales team can perform at a higher level on calls
Goal setting can be very effective in improving sales performance. When planning your blitz be sure to examine your goals from multiple angles. There is much more to success than just appointments. In our blitz program we look at goals for updating your sales database, setting appointments, qualifying buyers for non-buyers and partner leads.

If you are looking for more guidance in running your next sales blitz consider registering for one of our upcoming online sales blitz sessions, learn more here.


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