Customers. Why don’t you spend more time learning from them?

Our customers hold the keys to the Castle, yet most of us still refuse or are reluctant to talk with them.

We can and should lean on our customers to help us shorten the time it takes to get up to speed as a new salesperson and also to help a tenured rep out of a sales slump or general funk. Against my worst judgment, here is how you can do this:

Go and see your customers on the days they use your service the most!!!

WOW! (I know you are thinking “WOW”, because you already get what I’m saying).

Our customers work with us because they like our stuff! They are the ones that pay to hang out with us, so it only reasons that they can tell us what is cool about what we offer. They can tell us about how cool Sally on the support team is. They can tell us how our service saved them from staying late. They can tell us how when they figured everything was lost, Sally from support talked them back from the edge and made the unimaginable happen.

Yes, they can give new hires everything they need to be successful in sales. Yes, they can show a tenured rep why she ROCKS and how more people should be working with her.

It’s not ENOUGH to just call up your customers or email a survey to them. Get out amongst them and watch how they interact with your service and support team. I advocate 1 -4 Sales Touches to current accounts a year. New hires should spend 5-10 days of their first month on the job watching current customers use your services. Experienced reps should spend a minimum of 1-2 days a quarter watching their major accounts/partners use the services they sell.  This experience is a win-win for the customer, salesperson, support team and company.

The message is clear: Don’t fear your customers. Get off your butt and give ’em a hug. Chances are they reward you with a 30-40% increase in sales production.

Don’t believe me; give it a try this summer. Your holiday budget will thank me!


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