Take control of your website! It’s easy, really it is.

Technology is getting easier to use by the minute. From a marketing standpoint this is enabling more and more business owners the opportunity to take internal control of the content on their business website.

Using the right technology you can very easily create, modify and delete website content without knowing a single piece of code. The ability to do this will give you more power to influence how your business is viewed on the internet. This should improve Marketing, Sales and Support delivering a much better customer experience.

To take control you will need a Web Content Management System (WCMS).

In a nut shell a WCMS is an online application that allows you to make changes to your site anywhere any time of day. This includes adding pages, pictures, forms etc… A good WCMS allows you to do these things using tools which you are already familiar with and probably even use every day.

Getting started with a WCMS usually entails working with a web company to first convert your existing site to run on a WCMS and than a quick 30 minute training session.  When looking to WCMS focus on usability for you! If the WCMS feels complex than you should continue looking until you find an application that fits your user level.

You will know when you’ve found the right WCMS for you. The WCMS I use is called the Site Management Console (SMC) modifying my web content is as easy as creating a document in MS Word.

Here is a short video I made this morning showing how simple it is for me to modify an existing web page.


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