What Competition?

We talk about competition all the time.  In the payroll world, we talk about ADP and PayChex as our competition. While this is true, it is not the complete answer.

Competition is anything that we need to work with to reach our goal.

If I am making Qualifying Calls, I have a few potential competitors:

  • Everyone calling into my call list (not just my industry competition)
  • My internal motor
  • The recipients’ schedule
  • My attitude

When working on a new sale, my competition extends well beyond my industry competitor companies:

  • The individual salesperson
  • My schedule
  • My ability to prepare
  • My ability to listen
  • My ability to use/demo my service

When looking at these two short lists, our primary competition is usually ourselves. The good thing is that we can control that. I can’t control what the competition does; I can’t control my contacts schedule; I can’t control how many salespeople call the prospect.

If you focus on what you can control, you eliminate the only competition that can truly affect your earnings.

Good luck — proper preparation always wins the day!


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