How much Kinetic Energy does your company have?

Kinetic EnergyKinetic Energy – Energy that a body has as a result of its motion. Mathematically, it is defined as one-half the product of a body’s mass and the square of its speed.

I love it when an organization is “in motion.”  Nothing good can happen when a business or salesperson sits still.

When a sales team is under-performing, you can see it in the overall energy level of the group. A sales team can increase its output via a simple process called . . . WORK! There, I said it. To be successful, everyone needs to get up and do something. The more we put into our everyday, the more Kinetic Energy is created which leads to sales.

Sales Team/People can increase their Kinetic Energy doing these things everyday:

  • Spend 15 min a morning talking to your support team (bring them coffee)
  • Seek opportunity advice from others (e.g., “Here is a deal I am working on. How would you manage this one?”)
  • Make 5-15 qualifying calls each morning
  • Do at least one networking action a day
  • Call 3-5 current clients each day to see how THEY are doing

These simple actions build momentum. The best example of a large amount of Kinetic Energy in action is a roller coaster. The initial hill climb is work; but once you get up the hill, the ride down is fast and furious! Do the little things each day and before you know it you and your team will be rolling down the tracks having a blast!


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