Create a Cyclone for Sales

Sales are simple when you break things out into pieces, yet many people or companies lack sales skills.

To improve company-wide performance, you need to look at what things should be included in your sales cyclone.

I think all sales teams need to constantly work on the following:

  • Marketing for new leads
  • Major Account development
  • Closing sales
  • Cultivating existing accounts

While that may seem obvious, it rarely happens on a consistent basis. Ask yourself the following questions.

Marketing for new leads:

  • What did you do today to improve your lead sources?
  • What are you doing tomorrow to improve your lead sources?

Major Account development:

  • Do you have an actual Major Account selling strategy?
  • Can you see how the strategy is working in an instant?
  • What will you do tomorrow to influence your Major Accounts?

Closing Sales:

  • When you started working today, did you review your open deal list of ask what you can do to close the sale today?
  • When the 4:59 Club headed for the door, did you review your opportunity list and ask, “Did I do everything I could on these deals to move them forward?”

Cultivating existing accounts:

  • Did you hug one of your current accounts today?
  • When was the last time you talked to your newest account?
  • Did you send them a thank you card?
  • When did you last ask your customers if they would give you a referral?

This IS all simple, so why at this point in the blog do you feel like you didn’t leave it all on the court? Simple. You’re still cheating yourself. Tomorrow do yourself a favor and answer all of these questions at 8:00 AM and again after 5:00!

Do this for 10 days and tell me if your Sales Cyclone is getting ready to kick some arse!


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