Marketing – It’s not just for the big guys.

Marketing is this strange art which seems to be used by big companies with big budgets. I’m happy to report that every business can create a marketing program without a huge budget.  Don’t believe me?

End of the day marketing houses all client/prospect facing actions that impact your business’s overall goodwill in the markets and communities you serve. Another way to put it — marketing is a big deal.

Many small companies look at just one piece of marketing because they don’t realize that in our technical world, many new cost effective marketing resources are available to any business that dares use them.  Here are just a few resources that can help any size business take control of a wide marketing effort:

  • Mass email (use with existing clients and prospect database)
  • E-Newsletter
  • Website editor, aka Content Management System (Use to easily manage your online presence)
  • Webinars (Use to educate audience on products, services topics of interest)
  • Press Releases (Use to cast a wide net and drive national business through online portals)
  • Partner Seminars (Use client connections to touch a local group of clients)
  • Post Card/Mail (Must be a part of an extended program , can be cost prohibitive)
  • Referral Program (Use to drive referrals from clients and business partners)
  • Customer Service Ticket notifications (Use to educate clients on new / additional services)
  • Customer Survey (Use to brag about the company)
  • Client Testimonial Videos (Use to bring a more personal touch to your website)

All of the above can be done internally; the challenge is which communication tools will you use and how  you will organize your company’s message to deliver VALUE to drive business.

Here is a list of applications that you can use to take control of your marketing efforts:

  • (CRM  – Organize your database)
  • SMC – Website Content Management System (Allows for easy page updates to your company website)
  • VerticleResponse (Use to distribute Mass Emails, Newsletters, Surveys and Post Cards)
  • Zoomerang Use to deliver surveys for Client Care, Win analysis, Support feedback and Pre sales meetings)
  • SumoPaint (Free, Online graphics creation resource)
  • MCC (We work with people (YOU) to bring these all together in a simple format!)

It really is simple to create forward marketing momentum. All you need to do is embrace the technology, organize, implement and refine.


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