Seth Godin on the tribes we lead | TED Talks

Why is it that some people can bring great ideas time and time again? I have no idea why some people can. I do know that Seth Godin is one of these rare people. Here is his last talk on Tribes from TED.

After watching, the question is how will you motivate / lead your tribe. You can see more of Seth ideas at his blog

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Twin Cities User Group / Cloud Event. Excellent

I took a few pictures at today’s Twin Cities’ User Group meeting and Cloud Event. The Twin Cities’ User Group  is one of the stronger groups in the country. My estimate was that we had well over 100 customers for today’s event.

Our typical agenda is a brief update on our community, followed by a few customer presentations and at least one partner presentation. I always find these meetings to be very helpful. If you haven’t been to a user group in your area please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go. Click here to find a user group near you!


Today’s customer presentation was given by FICO (FairIssac) on Building Customer Communities — very insightful example of how a business leverages multiple communication tools to enhance its customer experience. FICO uses Ideas, TypePad, Lithium and Acresso. Each platform has a specific role to help enhance the customer experience. helps manage and coordinate this very unique customer community.

The project was completed in roughly 8 weeks with the assistance of Reside. Reside is the same company that brought Ideas to Starbucks and to the Obama transition team. If your business is planning or interested in deploying a custom branded Ideas project, Reside is a great choice. All the people I’ve met from Reside are fantastic.

As an extra bonus, Salesforce brought in Marco Casalaina, Senior Product Manager. Marco and his team brought out some of the new toys coming Summer ’09. They gave us a  great look at how businesses will use as a window and communication system  to existing Social media communities. It was wonderful to see how companies use with Facebook and Twitter.

(sorry for the bad pic, I was using an iPhone)

(sorry for the bad pic, I was using an iPhone)

Today Facebook has over 200 million users and Twitter is rocketing past 9 million users. The Twitter application, I think, will be one of the stronger service applications. Today Twitter is just catching on with a mass audience. In the next few months businesses will either grow or be damaged by how well they handle 140 characters pushed to the web. The salesforce Twitter application delivers metrics and corporate brand management in a simple to use application. This, by far, was the most amazing thing I saw all day.

Once the User Group session was complete everyone had time for lunch before the CloudForce tour got started.

The Cloudforce Tour was well attended with hundreds more people coming together. For this portion of the day you could select from one of four different sessions.

  1. Sales Cloud for Beginners
  2. Sales Cloud for Customers
  3. Your Cloud (Admin, Developers, IT)
  4. Service Cloud for Customers

I chose the Service Cloud session. In these economic times one of the best methods of growing any business is to improve your current customer service experience. I was very happy with the presentation given by the team at As always, we had some great customers stand up and deliver real world examples of how they use Because the Twin Cities is home to great medical device companies, we heard real stories of how helps improve health care!

Once the sessions were complete it was time for something that has always done well, networking. The format is always great. They place laptops and large flat panels all over the place for demos and partner exhibitors. In between all this, everyone is served great hors d’oeuvres and drinks with very good company (speaking of good company, be sure to check out this new application from ModelMetrics ).

Networking style.

Networking style.