Sales process influenced by Henry Ford.

Selling can be compliment from lessons created at Ford.

Ford assembly line circa 1935.

I like to think selling is simple.  People choose to make things complicated. Usually the villain is the salesperson. Many times sales get stalled or fail to develop because of a disorganized selling process.

Implementing a CRM typically helps salespeople get organized. CRM ideally includes a simple to follow process  that GUIDES salespeople to make the right steps. Some companies spend a ton of money on high-end Sales Training/Methodologies. Salespeople become so overly trained they actually lose their ability to effectively sell.

It’s refreshing to see a post from Build a Sales Machine that lays out an extremely simple process for sales development. If you are looking for a way to help your team become more productive, do yourself a favor and read this post: Create Predictable Pipeline by Moving Prospects through an “Assembly Line.” The author, Aaron Ross, does an excellent job identifying a simple-to-use system that any company can implement.


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  1. We use a similar approach with our leads. Our sales team have guidelines, but as they are just guidelines, each lead’s experience is slightly different. In the end, they are “binned” accordingly, and it helps keep our leads and clients organized.

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