Get on top of your world with Alltop!

Alltop for alll your information needs. I began setting up my own Alltop page a few weeks ago. For those of you that don’t know, Alltop is an online “magazine” rack filled with blog posts etc. The purpose of Alltop is to give users all of the top stories based on topics.

Alltop allows you to spend less time searching for information and more time reading or gaining new insights. I’ve been a fan of Alltop since its launch, (Who isn’t a fan of anything Guy Kawasaki does?). Yet it wasn’t until Alltop rolled out My Alltop that I started being an active everyday user. My Alltop lets you build your own Alltop page based on content you select.

Here is the link to my alltop, . I can see information on Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Start-ups all within one clean interface. When you hover your cursur on a post title Alltop provides a quick view of the opening paragrpah. This feature helps me to drill into posts I find most interesting. Everything about Alltop is designed to maximize your time spent gaining information. Standard Alltop pages (topic based) are great windows into new sources of information. When you find a publisher / blogger you like a simple click adds them to your My Alltop page.

Once your page is set up you can share it with anyone. The next great thing for My Alltop would be a section that highlights the posts I comment on. Kawasaki, are you listening?

If you haven’t been to do yourself a favor and get there! Or just save my Alltop to your favorites.

Still confused about Alltop? Watch this video.

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Advertisements Mobile Lite – A great FREE application.

iPhone Mobile Lite dashboardA few days ago opened up their mobile platform to everyone at no charge. With the roll-out of Mobile Lite any user can access the application on the go. I can’t tell you how long I have waited for this access to be included with my standard licensing value.

To activate Mobile Lite  access the set-up section of and click one check box. It really is that simple. Here are some screen shots to help.

Aministration Setup for Mobile Access

Mobile Lite Edit section

Once activated Blackberry users need to download the application to their phones with this link, . iPhone users head on over to the app store and search  Salesforce Mobile.

I’m  an overly connected person and use a Blackberry Curve and an iPhone.  The Blackberry set-up takes a little bit longer than iPhone, I recommend Blackberry users install at the end of the day or at a time when they will not need access to their Blackberry for 10 – 30 minutes. iPhone users can access Mobile Lite within 30 seconds of downloading.

In comparing the two devices iPhone users get very easy to use navigation, large fonts and dashboards.  All of this  makes it extremely easy to view and access records. My Blackberry is a Curve so the screen is not nearly as large as the  iPhone. On the Blackberry you gain simple access to all salesforce data and  Dashboards.  Either platform will bring tremendous vision to all mobile users.  My sales teams are ecstatic about this new tool.

This is a fantastic effort to bring more mobile users into the cloud.  From an administrator standpoint, I can now pull direct real world user feedback on the effectiveness of mobile access.  Prior to mobile lite there was no way I could justify the additional expense of salesforce mobile. Now we can use field feedback to help us weigh the benefits of upgrading to the full mobile version.

Thank you,! You’ve made mobile access for the masses.  I’m interested to hear how others plan on using this new business tool?

Everyone needs customization

Everyone needs customization.I read a few blogs and one of the best is The publisher is Steve Anderson of One/Northwest. His company is focused helping Non-profit organizations excel with Today he touched on a key point with CRM. Everyone Needs Customization

No matter how good a system is out of the box, it must be customized so that your users can reach their full potential with the application.  My experience is the same as Steve’s no matter how similar any two businesses are they each operate with their own unique  culture and processes. These little differences drive the need for customization.

If you want your users to get the most out of the software/applications within your business you should add as much of your unique culture and process as possible. Customization will make the software become more intuitive and natural for users. These type of customizations make new software usable, when something becomes easy to use we all use it. The key to any successful CRM is 100% user adoption.

Here is the link to the post. Link

Computing in the cloud, broken down for the rest of us. posted this video on cloud computing. Its a nice quick look at the current state of business application development. The future is now and its running in the cloud!

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