What would you do with your first Million dollar check?

So, you get a million dollar check. It’s only natural to want to remember it. Putting it in a frame seems like a great idea. Just remember to cash it first!

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The IT factor of selling. You had IT as a child. It’s time to get IT back.

Where has my IT gone to?

Where has my IT gone?

Hands down, there is nothing better in life than being a parent.  Our children can make us laugh, swell with pride, cry and scream all in the matter of 10 minutes! Children’s ability to bring out the best in adults is amazing. So, what can we learn about selling from our own childhood?

  1. No is just the beginning of negotiations.
  2. There is more than one way to ask a question.
  3. Don’t give up, don’t EVER give up!
  4. IT

We’ve all experienced 1-3 in action. We can remember doing them ourselves or see them in action with our own children.

In sales, the IT factor is an internal DESIRE; it’s the driving force that elevates a mediocre sales person into a serious producer. As children, we all had the sales IT. At some point, we were told NO a hundred different ways. Yet, the obstacles placed in front of us never seemed to matter. As a child, you know what you want —  it’s just that simple.  Each NO meant we either tried a little harder or changed  methods until we reached our goals.

It was on our childhood trips to the store or talking with our parents about school that we learned our sales skills. The store and kitchen were our classrooms to develop our selling style. A lifetime of NO’s makes most people fear even asking a question. Success breads success.

I have a poster on my wall from a Marathon I ran a long time ago. On it, there is a quote that defines what I am talking about:

“From where does it come, to see the race to its end? It comes from within.”

Committing to complete a marathon is probably the easiest means to discover your internal IT.  A marathon is a long process of training, pain, suffering, doubt and when completed, joy. Along the way there are  doubts about why you CHOSE to take on this challenge. Things like:  “It’s too early/cold/hot to run. My leg hurts.  The game I want to watch is on.  I can run tomorrow.” Yet, to complete a marathon, you put all these things aside. Why? Because you made a choice, a commitment to yourself to complete a marathon. Your IT is speaking, telling you — ” if you stop now, you are quitting on yourself and that is the worst thing you can do.”

To complete a marathon, you must work at it each and every day. Your marathon IT will not allow you to stop working toward the goal. IT knows the reward for achievement is better than the alternative. Even a day of rest has a purpose: to heal your body to train again. Your diet changes and everything in your life alters by making the choice to complete a marathon. The choice begins to ignite your IT. It’s on miles 17,18, 19… of the marathon when you discover if your IT is truly in you. It’s late in the race when you are tested. When self doubt speaks louder, your IT will carry you to the finish.

In sales, the choice to grab onto your IT is all on you! A good sales manager can help get you through the painful days and see your dips before they become too severe.  Your ultimate success depends on your ability to let your IT take control and guide you to buying customers. IT teaches the value of LISTENING to understand and speaking to be understood.

To turn on your sales  IT, you must first define your race:

  • Distance – What is it you are after?
  • Goal Time- When will you know you achieved your goal?
  • Pace- How can you judge yourself along the way to ensure you don’t get off track  (Daily or hourly measurements- KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID )

So if you feel you have lost your IT, don’t worry. Make a commitment and get yours back. Before you know it, your internal IT will have a life of its own and you will be a child in the candy store. Except this time, you have the means to buy everything you always wanted (let’s hope you also have full dental)!

Email-to-case just got easy!

Getting hopping with Salesforce.com Spring '09 release

Getting hopping with Salesforce.com Spring '09 release

In the newest release of salesforce.com, Spring ’09,  email-to-case no longer requires you to add the agent to an internal  email server. Now, just set up your support email addresses to forward (redirect) to a specific salesforce assigned address. Because of this, you can now use email-to-case on hosted email services and Gmail. This upgrade will allow more support groups to add a direct line of communication from clients to salesforce.com

More info on Email-to-Case:  http://blogs.salesforce.com/support/2009/02/new-in-spring-1.html