Selling today is no different from selling yesterday.

I’ve been seeing all the sales pros posting items to help us sell in tough times. To them, I say:  “Better late than never. Or, welcome to the party.”  Our economy has been on a downward trend for well over a year, yet most the people I know in sales just finished off another record year of growth. So how are these people growing their business while the general economy is shrinking?

Answer:  Top performers perform no matter the circumstances.

Top producers don’t let outside factors limit their ability to do their job well. They adapt with their prospects and always work toward positive outcomes. It is not enough to be a cheerleader.  A professional salesperson gets results from within and must block out all excuses. Today it’s the economy, tomorrow it’s your product, the next day it’s your price, the day after that the wind is from the north . . .

I’m not going to sugarcoat things —  the economy is off, but it has been OFF for more than a year. Focus on what you can do, NOT what you can’t control.