Sales Rules (13-17)

  • Manage the sale – don’t allow it to manage you
  • Don’t spill your beans
  • Never give without receiving
  • Make everything your own

Manage the sale – don’t allow it to manage you.

An unmanaged sale can easily run your life, stealing time away from other sales. Take five minutes to coordinate your efforts on calls, email etc . . . the easiest method to manage a sale is by understanding it from the prospect’s side of the table.

Don’t spill your beans

Patience. Repeated touches. Common sense with prospects builds credibility and trust. If you give all of your information too early or in one sales action you won’t have any reason for the prospect to speak with you again. Limit your information to what is pertinent at the time so that you and the prospect have valid reasons to speak with each other in the future.

Never give without receiving

If someone asks you for something you must always expect something in return. It can be of small or large value. It doesn’t matter, so long as the rule is set. Operating in this way helps build credibility and respect between you and the prospect. If you always say yes, than the prospect will see you as a “yes” man. “Yes” men are never trusted and don’t get referrals.

Make everything your own

You will learn many methods and tips throughout your sales career that can help you become a better salesperson. All of these are worthless if you don’t invest in making them your own. Don’t be a robot! Add your own personality and style.


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