Natural born salespeople???

Ever wonder what happened to that guy everyone said would be a natural born salesperson? One of two things:

  • They were trained to be mediocre in sales ( and probably quit).
  • They went with their gut and have been wildly successful!

There is such a thing as being a natural born salesperson and this post is directed at all you naturals that have been so brainwashed by sales training that you can’t find your rear without a solution to direct you! Consider this your Monday morning butt kicking — stop trying to be smart. Instead, be yourself. Get to know your customers, ask them questions for understanding, actually care about them and you will start making REAL money.

Sales is and always has been the easiest job in the world. It’s the people in the position that make sales “hard.” Think about what the job is:

  • Introduce yourself to people
  • Ask what they are doing
  • Ask what they want
  • Deliver what you say
  • Make a bunch of money!

Yep, simple. Good luck and have a great week.


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